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A thank you note a day. Leah Dieterich thinks there’s always something to be thankful for … and sometimes she's just thankful it’s over.

Cell size and scale—How to visualize scale

Sara suggested this site: “Science fun! University of Utah geneticists created this zoomable application to compare the size of things like sesame seeds, photoreceptors, viruses and so on — all the way down to a single carbon atom.”

We guarantee you’ll do it at least twice!

Cell size and scale

The Scientist—Video Awards reveals their first The Scientist Video Awards. You can watch the winning videos and read comments from the professional judges about what makes each video great. Check out the winner, it is hilarious — and educational, of course.

Seth is my hero.

I’ve been reading a lot of Seth Godin and his book, “The Dip”, feels especially relevant. Check him out on Youtube and Ted. I would love to see him live. He is amazingly engaging and generous — he makes a lot of his writing freely available online.

Radiolab — more great radio

Radiolab Many thanks to Sara for putting me onto my new favourite podcast. This cultural and scientific exploration of our fascinating world gets me through my early morning runs.

The art of non-conformity

The Art of Non-conformity is my new favourite site. The title speaks for itself. I am not much of a joiner, but I might join his army. Unconventional strategies for life, work and travel.


Eye candy, visual stimulation. This site give a great sense of what is going on out there in the world of image making. Be careful, it is addictive.

SwissMiss design blog

SwissMiss can always be counted on to point us toward innovative well designed items and great new ideas.


TEDTalks provides a fascinating and insightful collection of video of people presenting their ideas for 18 minutes.
Here is one about creative genius.

This is amazing radio: The American Life

Chicago Public Radio's This American Life makes the best radio. A revolution in radio.

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