Precision Nanosystems is revolutionizing nanotechnology with their SUB9KITS products.  

Precision Nanosystems has an extensive track record in nanoparticle drug development, with several products FDA approved, and others in clinical trials. SUB9KITS are designed to bring advanced RNAi drug delivery technologies to the laboratory. This means that SUB9KITS will allow scientists and researchers to build better, faster experiments. 

We took Precision Nanosystems through a brand development process that included naming. We are pleased to have been able to have conceptualized and provide the "SUB9" name for their new line of amazing products! Naming is so challenging—as the SUB9 people can attest too! We also carried out the design and development of website, their main communication tool at this stage in their business development. 

SUB9KITS website


Sub9 Website mini

Sub9 workmark


We carried out workmark design for SUB9KITS, and the current two individual product kits: Nuero9 and Hepato9 kits. 


Product Families

workflow icons

Sub9 graphic element

Sub9 graphic element