BodaHealth Acupuncture, Massage Therapy & TCM Clinic


I worked with Jeda of BodaHealth to create a completely illustrated brand identity that is a more accurate reflection of who they are as a group than their previous. (Always tempted to show before and after! But I don't want to dis' the previous designer.) 

BodaHealth logo

Hand-drawn logo. 

BodaHealth website home apge`

The BodaHealth website home page. The structure did not change, it is a complete re-skin. As usual, Carla Ullrich, our fantastic web developer, has been a pleasure to work with. Can't recommend her enough. (Thanks Carla!)

BodaHealth business card

I am a firm beleiver in the business card. People sometimes poo poo them these days, but I advocate making one that makes people feel good. Whther it is the person who is giving it away or the person who is receiving it, a business card can accentuate a very special moment of face-toface connection between two people. Why not under-line that connection at that moment by evoking a rsesponse like "I love your card!"? A boring card misses out on an opportunity to delight. 

Fertility poster

This is the poster that started this rebrand of BodaHealth on its way. I met Jeda through a friend and she just needed a poster for a small event. I had been keeping my eyes open for situations where I think illustration is appropriate because I love doing illustration work (and there are not many in the sciencey realm of med tech and life sci).  I also think illustration woefully under-used. Photography has become very generic feeling (except for my photographer friends who do very unique work), but many people resist illustration because it feels risky. It is much easier to puruse a stock photo site, right? We started with this  illustrated poster, and frankly she was a little unsure about it initially. But then the response she reported from her clients and staff was really great and rallied confidence in the direction. The response has been really great, has resonated with her audience very well.


A brochure, with a custom illustrated map. 

BodaHealth Acupuncture, Massage Therapy & TCM Clinic