The Scientist—Video Awards reveals their first The Scientist Video Awards. You can watch the winning videos and read comments from the professional judges about what makes each video great. Check out the winner, it is hilarious — and educational, of course.

Daniel Pink on the science of motivation: Drive

Dan Pink examines the puzzle of motivation and how so many get it wrong despite the science that clearly points us in a different, better, more fruitful direction. Dan Pink has also written a fantastic Manga style career guide that I love and recommend to every young person I know.
Daniel Pink on Motivation—video


The book:


Drive book

What is a "unique value proposition"?

This is way sexier than it sounds. I promise. A Unique Value Proposition contributes to more inspired work, greater success in your endeavours, higher motivation for all involved, a clearer sense of direction, a better fit with your intended audience, and a stronger drive towards your goals.

That sounds pretty sexy, doesn’t it?

Email campaigns: What is the best way to use them?

Many of our clients would like to reach out to their audience using email because it is fast, targeted and inexpensive. In this article we will look at the different options for sending email communication to a group, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

What is a brand?

The concept of “brand” has evolved a long way from when it was simply a symbol burned into the hide of a cow. A brand marked ownership. Now, we are surrounded with a different type of brand altogether: IBM, Starbucks, Jones Soda, MEC, Nike, Manulife, The David Suzuki Foundation, Apple — these are recognized brands that represent organizations, products or services.

But what exactly is a brand?

How to write a creative brief

A good "creative brief" contributes to efficient, good quality communication design that meets your needs, leads to great final results, and leaves everyone happy with the process of getting there.

An inaccurate, or merely verbal Creative Brief can lead to time wasted, incorrect solutions and frustration for everybody involved.

Seth is my hero.

I’ve been reading a lot of Seth Godin and his book, “The Dip”, feels especially relevant. Check him out on Youtube and Ted. I would love to see him live. He is amazingly engaging and generous — he makes a lot of his writing freely available online.

How can email be SO cold?

Email is COLD. I’ve been on the giving and receiving end of cold email communication and have seen it go wrong. Without those laughs, smiles, intonations and hand gestures, the reader can easily misinterpret your intended tone. And just try to tackle a contentious issue with a friend or colleague via email. Big mistake. You may as well pour gasoline on the ‘issue’ and blow it up into an ‘ISSUE’.

Brand Your Thing

As an ambitious person, you probably have “Your Thing”. It’s the Thing that you are passionate about, that you believe in, and have committed your energy and work to: it could be your product, practice, business, cause, service or organization. Your Thing.

You want Your Thing to be its most successful self. Your Thing will benefit from you turning your attention to the concept of “branding”.

Dot. Dot. Dot.

Those dots are everywhere these days. The ubiquitous ellipsis — also casually known as dot-dot-dot. I have found myself sticking them into email, in text messages, even in my so-called professional writing. I admit it, I’ve been a little slapdash with my ellipsis use lately. So … I thought I’d have another look at it to see just how far I have strayed from typographic-correctness.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I haven’t gone very far wrong — and there is a pretty darn good explanation for the upswing in the everyday use of it. I’ll get to that after I give you the down-low on that cute, ever-so-useful, recently over-used, dot-dot-dot.